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Full Version: How do you use your pedi bowls and basins?
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How do you use and clean your resin pedicure bowls? I've never used anything but jetted spas and have always used Barbicide (or similar generic product). I'm looking into ordering the Noel Asmar pedicure bowls, but their website says barbicide will ruin the finish. Is this going to be the case with all hospital grade disinfectants? I prefer the resin because it will match my decor plans, but I'm interested in the copper basins as an alternative, so I would love to hear how they hold up (do they discolor, etc).

Also, how do you fill and empty them. I'm trying to keep costs down and hope to not have to do any plumbing. I would love to see your set up as well, I need all the inspiration I can get Big Grin
And any other suggestions would be great, especially some ideas on how to make the service more "spa" like, since my clients are used to the big pedicure thrones I'm really worried they will turn their noses up at these.
Go for the copper! They are actually lighter amd way easier for you to carry back and forth to the sink.
Thanks Shirley! How do you clean your copper bowls? And do they discolor over time?
You're welcome! I'm not in the salon that uses them anymore but I use Ultronics. They do discolor a bit but in a good way. It looks more rustic and antique-y. The stainless steel ones are nice too. I just don't recommend the resin ones.
Waterless pedicures = no equipment to clean