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Full Version: ingrown and curved
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Hello - I live in NJ and legally we are not to mess around with people's ingrown nails.... however every single nail tech I know DOES....I am in a loosing battle here.....
Just last week I had to do a pedicure on another girls regular client who wanted me to address her curved and ingrown nails....during the service I told her that I was inexperienced in that and it wasn't part of my license - we'll age was pissed because everyone else on the salon does and that's what she expects when paying for a pedicure - and told me I should start watching the other girls to learn......
She still tipped me $15 - I was surprised. Lol
Today I saw this clients regular nail tech who saw this client a lnd she told me that she told the client that she agreed with them and that I should be providing all these services and I need to stop being afraid and that I'll loose clients because I say no.

Ok - this sucks.

Today I get my schedule and I have a 14 year old looking for a set with tips and acrylic - ok I'm working here 1 year and haven't done acrylic here at fact my last job I was at 18 months and they did no acrylic - amd they no I haven't touched their brand of acrylic ever - so this same Co worker gave me attitude - and says do gel - but I know this is just for a school dance and think she needs something that will come off easy - so the coworker suggested powder and glue over tips "party nails" - omg haven't done that in 3 years since school. Lol what an experience -I've fixed a nail here and there but holy cow how funny how a simple powder and glue can trip you up - I never want to do that again!