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Full Version: Nailite Hard Gel and Thicker Thick
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Who here uses Nailite's Hard gel and Thicker Thick?
I hadn't used it in awhile and decided to retry it. I have to say I really like both. I did a full set today and sculpted out the FE. I normally do sport length on her. I'm going describe what I did because I bet someone here has a better way of doing it, maybe faster too.

1. Prep
2. One thin layer of hard gel on nails - Cure ( did 4 & 1)
3. Only on FE- build out length.- Cure
4. A thicker coat of hard gel to entire nail- cure
5. Added more thicker thick to most of the nails FE- Cure
6. One last thin coat of Hard gel.- cure

Wipe clean- file, etc.

Anyone have a different way of doing this?
I am hoping keeping her at sport length and with the added strength of the thicker thick and hard gel she will not have issues like she used to, Plus now I am using something wonderful on her too.
I guess you all do it this way too huh? Anyone do it differently?
@juliem I also use both of those gels. My technique is similar. The great thing about these 'one step' gels is you can use them in whatever way that gets you the results you need (nail strength, thickness, etc)
I've tried 'something wonderful' a few times... didn't like it. Just didn't work for me.
I do a thin layer of Nailite full coverage pink, this also includes adding length. If I am doing a french, that will be my next step, if not,
My next step is to build with either extra hard gel, (only apply to 2 nails at a time it can run), I feel the extra hard gel has more strength than the thicker thick, I use extra hard for clients that use their nails like tools. If they don't then I will use the thicker thick.
cure, file shape.