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Full Version: New Jersey law changes
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Hello, a salon owner told me that the government in NJ is trying to make changes in our industry-
Gloves, masks, eye wear to be mandatory when fling services, acrylic services to be taken away, he claims many salons will close do to the changes happening IN NY & NJ - any truth to this?
laws like these can either takes years to enact or happen quickly by attaching them to rules being passed.. either way there should be notice on your states web site for your licensing, I would check there.. Also see if your state has an eblast you can sign up for to stay on top of things like these.. I actually get eblasts from 2 states that I dont even live in.. they are very informative as to whats going on with your state board.. I;ve been out of the loop for several months having moved recently.. there was over a 5 week period I never even looked at a newspaper, had no TV either Smile
Good idea - I'll do that!!!
Taking away acrylic services????
I told this salon owner - that's not going to happen - he's all hyped up with the media in NY cracking down on salons!
yea.. some people are just over-excitable Smile contact your board and find out Smile no need to have a hyped up owner up your butt every day!
What part of acrylics are they going to take away, because every artificial nail product has some type of acrylic components in them? Seriously, doubt that will ever happen.