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Full Version: Please Help!!!! Drill Advice Is Needed
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I've been practicing with a light weight drill but it doesn't have much power to it sadly Undecided. Does anyone know of a really good powerful drill, or at least a decent one that is in an ok kind of price range. I don't have 300+ to throw on equipment right now since I'm just getting a feel for everything.

Check out Premier Nail Source. Their PNI 125 is pretty decent ,and has a manual control or foot pedal option. I got one on sale over a year or two ago for I think $125.00. It has served me VERY well...
Go to Kupa. They have a mani-pro on sale for $99. It's great. I have 2.
You really want to keep that light weight! I had a heavy one drill and it was really bad for my wrist (nerve pinching.. *cringe*). You may not need to buy another power box, but a drill head that fits it.

Find something with a high torque, but is light weight. If they don't mention the torque you would have to try it your self with a good amount of pressure and see if it holds up.

Good luck!
Ram microlab 350 I like and I have 4 drills
I use an e-file, drills make holes
Atwood Industries all the way. Luv my Medicool! Well balanced in hand, lightweight and as much power as you need.
Thank you so much! I have bought a small second temporary drill by Belle and I absolutely love it!!! It's very powerful and light, the only down fall is it gets a bit hot but besides that it's ok. I think I will consider the Kupa I've heard many great things about their equipment!