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Full Version: Reviews on MIA SECRET ACRYLIC
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Hi ladies, I'm starting out as a nail tech in Las Vegas. I've already graduated nail school and waiting to license. I started off using OPI competition and have come to love it. But since I'm now buying my own products, OPI is a bit pricey. I'm looking for a monomer & polymer that are a somewhat fast set, not too fast like I'm not interested in CND or Tammy Taylor as they are also pricey and really fast. Are there any non MMA products you recommend that don't lift or yellow? I saw Mia Secret a my local flea market and wondered if it was worth the buy. I don't want to be sitting there forever waiting for it to set up! Time is money Wink I do like a few of their products so has anyone tried it? I've seen videos on youtube and stuff but the girls didn't seem like professionals. I want an experienced answer. Please & TIA!
I love Omega acrylic from Nailite.

If you call them, they're really good about sending samples. And they have a protein bonder , Something Wonderful" that's great. The prices are very reasonable and the customer support is fabulous.

One other thing... NEVER ever buy product at a flea market!!! Who knows what's actually in there? And how it's been stored? 99.99% of "professional" product sold at flea market type venues are counterfeit.