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Full Version: page boost with Facebook
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Hello - looking for new ideas to advertise.
I don't want to do groupon. . . I have read the great debate about "DISCOUNTING" your services, rewarding existing clients, looking at using Facebook.
I'm hearing you can boost your page for as little as $5, select a target area- has anyone tried this? What are your results? Whats the best DAY & TIME to do this so traffic see's the boosted page - M-F 6pm I'm thinking....
Discounted prices - yes/no - WHY OR WHY not?
Other ideas to bring business in --?

Thanks :-)
I do a lot of FB advertising and it brings in new clients and also reaches existing clients. If you already have significant # of followers you can boost a post to people who follow you and their friends, alternately you can choose a demographic based on zip.

I see success with both, but with client boosts I will typically do something about a new service, rainy day discount, etc. When I want to get new clients, I promote to surrounding zip codes and get a ton of responses when I push out nail art pictures or just ads for the salon itself - not special offers. FB has gotten picky about doing "sale" ads recently, anyway. The key, of course is consistency. Don't do one promotion and expect 10 new clients at your door. I do 2-3 boosts per month to stay in front of people and get brand recognition.

You are right on with days to boost promotions - M-F are the best; my responses go way down on weekends. I get responses during the day, but get more in the evening after 7. That said, I would still recommend doing the boost during the day to catch the work-time facebookers, too.
Good to know!
Thank you