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Full Version: Any Networking Events???
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Are There ANY networking events, classes, groups, play dates, learning courses ANYTHING!!!!!!!! in PA, NY, NJ, Maryland, Delware around these areas I could attend. Im really looking to learn and improve like I stated before Im a recent graduate from school. Mentoring etc... anything???
I know others will respond here with more info but, YES!!!!

There are others on the east coast. Not sure of dates but they are usually promoted here. This is where they all began.
You'll need a passport, but we'd love to have you Smile
I know this is out of your stated area but we're having one in East TX., Nov.12/13. It will be geared toward techs needing basic skills help in areas that can make or break a new nail tech. We'll be going over basic application of acrylic and gel, how to do p/w's in both and we'll also touch on embedding different things.

We've got several educators from different lines, TEN, Star, Nubar, and stuff from other lines in the goodie bag. Brenda with TEN is going to be doing e-file certification also.

We'd love to have you if you can swing it!