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Hello- when looking for a job, I'm finding it interesting that some salons ate only offering mani, pedi & gel polish - it's quite frustrating finding a salon you like and them find out they do not offer hard gels or acrylic. . .
Is anyone out there doing this and making a go at it financially suscessful ? I'm in NJ.
Please let me know your experience in this- thanks !
usually I think it's because they can't compete with the cheap prices of NSS salons
Hummm that's something I didn't consider
I'm in Massachusetts and can't find anyone around my area that does hard gels. Very frustrating. I'm in the area around Norwood, Walpole, Foxboro, etc. Does anyone know of a shop in this area?
I'm concerned if I took a job that did not offer enhancements I'd loose that skill, that potential client. ..?
My salon does not offer any enhancements and we are thriving. For every client who wants an enhancement there are two who don't. My clients come to my salon because they don't want to sit in fumes of someone else getting acrylic services.

I know a few of my staff will do acrylics for friends at home just to keep up their skills and because they enjoy the artistic side of it, but they make a living just doing natural nails Smile
Well that's good to know - thank you
Depends on the salon too. Most that do not offer gel would offer it if you can do it. If they do not like the smell of acrylic then you are SOL. I think 75% of the spas that offer EXPENSIVE natural nails (all of them do gel nails too) do not want any fumes. I think they would allow gel but maybe the sound of the drill is too loud? Especially if you already have a lamp and supplies you could try to see if anyone wants it done. Then have the owner buy the supplies if there is a demand. I have never, ever seen a NSS (again in FL) do gels "correctly." They do flat, M&M/Chicklet nails by painting gel on. There is no stress area built up. @nuni_nails does gel in central Florida (on instagram and other sites I am sure) and he charges a lot. He's not in a super ritzy area. People will pay for real gel.
I have 2 offers right now and I'm in a pickle and DO NOT want to make the wrong choice...I've had a few jobs and now how bad they can be!
Offer 1 is an established hair salon in a good busy borough area - flexible schedule to do what hours I want, 2 other NT one gal is 1 day a week and the other 3 days but only does mani, pedi, gel polish...owner is up to date with FB & Instagram - will to try promotions etc...she is experienced promoting employees to get a following. Offer is $9.50 hour or 45 % whichever is higher!
JOB 2 is in a huge hair, mail, make up studio - huge promotional, 2000 hair nail makeup clients a month go through their, growing, in the paper, voted NJ top salon in the county, photo shoots, it's a very corporate profession run shop, in a high end strip mall that's crazy busy - I INTERVIEW there Tuesday - my former coworker is there since January -loves it, getting a good following, doing well - however the "corporate" feel scares me...LOL. but that's probably why it's so successful! I know I'll get the job - my friend has pull....I dont know if in want it. Start with $8.65 hour until fully booked to be on commission. My friend is still hourly - but I think if she does the math is loosing money....hummmm.
Currently work in 2 salons - I am happy at my one salon and would like to keep it -I'm there Wed & Sat only, the other says I was t you replace are Tues Thurs Friday - My Wed and Sar job is something I think can really work out - bit isn't busy enough to stay there more them 2 days. ...but I really love it there. ...
I just don't know WHAT to do - I need to make $, and I suck at decisions. ... I feel like the corporate type place would be best (forgot to mention they are only mai, pedi, shellac -only) but feel like their success speaks volumes, location is fantastic - but like the feel of salon offer 1 ..... ugh I hate this- I'm so torn!