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Full Version: Light Elegance gel polish problems
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I want to love these polishes, I really do. They have the most amazing colors. Every single one of the brush on gel polishes chip immediatley. I have called them for advice and all I get is Im applying too thick. This is the ONLY brand I have problems with. I have invested so much $ in these and are just a waste of space at this time, unless I use them for nail art.
Can someone please try troubleshooting with me? I am applying as thin as possible and curing in an LED light.
On top of what -natural nail? Their hard gel? Their acrylic?
It doesnt matter, they chip on natural nails and over acrylics.
Maybe try curing in UV light...possibly your LED is not strong enough to cure properly?
I don't believe they are compatible with LED UV lamps. Reasons for product failure are nearly always, poor product application, mixing products, using a UV lamp not recommended by the manufacturer.

LE's own UV lamp has a close distance between bulbs and nails - this means the amount of UV energy landing on the nails is pretty intense. Their products are developed for this. So using any UV lamp may also not solve the problem and may undercure.

LE P+ gel polish is LED or UV cured and the ONLY brand that I have used. that doesnt cure in my LED lamp. Granted I dont use LE acrylic, I have tried it with the acrylic unbuffed or with base coat. Either way it chips by the next day. I will try it in my CND lamp and see if that makes a difference.
Maybe try it with some bonder?
I purchased the summer collection of LE's brush on, soak off, glitter polishes last summer. I was so excited to have the glitters in an LED option, but I had all kinds of issues with the glitter peeling off of the tips. I only had issues if I was using the soak off glitter polish. Never a problem with LE's regular hard glitter gels. I emailed them and they asked a few questions, but that was the only response I received. I ended up pulling the whole set of glitter polishes and went back to only buying the regular hard gel glitters.

I was most upset about the fact that clients loved those summer glitter colors, but I wasn't going to spend the money to re-buy them in the hard gel since I felt like I had already thrown away money on them.