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Full Version: Regular Polish
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Have any of you considered ditching regular polish all together ??? Every time I work with regular polish now ,I hate it...always have to worry about smuging cuz people aren't careful after ,or can 't stop waving their damn hands around ,duh , anyway ,I frickin hate working with it now ,gel polish has spoiled me !
Plus ppl think regular polish is dry in 15 minutes....
I haven't thought about getting rid of it altogether since I love using it for pedicures. Most of my clients don't smudge their toes but for hands I always recommend gel since it just so GD amazing!
Maybe try recommending the regular polish clients to try gel polish one time for the same price as manicure and tell them that if they do not like it, they can go right back to regular polish. I agree that regular polish for pedicure is always great, but it may not match your manicure polish.