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Full Version: Problem customer
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I have had a lady in for acrylics a few times now and she's had an issue everytime. She cancels appointments last minute with no excuse other than she's tired so I decided not to do them again. Anyway this morning she calls me begging for a soak off and new set as she went to someone else and hated them. I stupidly agreed. She came and had a soak off and a new set with Nsi dura tips and NSI acrylic with a gelish top coat. I could see her examining the nails so I asked if they were ok. She said they were, paid and left. Within 5 minutes of leaving she's texts me saying they don't feel right and she wants another soak off and new set tonight. By this time it was 7:30pm. I told her for 1, I would need to see them as there was no issue when she left and 2, I had no time to do a soak off and new set tonight and if she really wasn't happy I would re-do them tomorrow. She replied telling me she had bitten half of them off! I am in two minds whether to just tell her to come and get her money back and not to come to me again or to just do them tomorrow and advise she might be better suited to another nail tech in future. I know under the circumstances she shouldn't get a refund but it's not worth having my good name that I've worked so hard for, trashed all over the Internet for the sake of 1 person. Any advice great fully received. Thanks x
I wouldn't giver her her money back - she liked them when she left and admittedly bit them off. Frankly I would fire her - tell her its not a good fit and to go elsewhere. If she's going to badmouth you she is going to do it whether or not you give her her money back (in my experience) so you might as well keep it.
Well after all that she text me late last night saying "actually they're fine I'll leave it till I need an infill" I told her if there was an issue not to text me in 2 weeks telling she's changed her mind because it will be too late then. She said again it was fine, then this morning texts me saying "actually they aren't ok can I still come tonight" by which time I was getting a bit p****d off. I said yes but maybe she'd be better going to one of the other girls next time. Then a few hours later she texts AGAIN saying "sorry to be a pain but they're ok and I'm gonna wait till I need an infill" I'm starting to think she has a mental issue. Needless to say I won't be doing her infill!
I am betting that she did the same thing to the other tech that she said she hated. Then the tech told her not to bother coming back and she need to find someone else!
You don't have to put up with that from anyone. That's crap. Fire her NOW! This idiot will never be happy with any nails from any tech. Tell her to go to WallyWorld and buy a kit & do her own nails! Sheesh! No one has the right to do that to you!

OK, now I feel better....
Not someone I'd like to work with. Sounds dishonest. her ,these nut jobs are not worth your aggravation ,and nothing good ever comes from bending over backwards to please them. When she bad mouths you ,most normal people will consider the source ,roll their eyes ,and probably pay no attention to her,lol...