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Full Version: New client keeps breaking
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Hi nail guru's I'm hoping you can help me. I have a client that I've been doing her nails for about 4+ months now. She is the sister of a very good client/friend of mine. She was having problems at the previous salon she went to as her enhancements and or her gel polish would not stay. The gel polish isn't a problem with me I think they were mixing and using old products and her bulbs probably needed to be changed (uv lamp). They used powder and glue on her and they were a mess. I use IBD led gel and Gelous lamp. I clean,prep,prime etc. and have used builder and clear on her. (Not at the same time). Her one thumb has permanent damage so I tried CND acrylic and tip with that one. It broke too after a little over 2 weeks and a fill. I breaks/peels. I don't have this problem with my other clients. She just came in with four broken. Sometimes it's where the tip is/was. She just informed me she used to go once a week. Once for fill the other polish change/repairs because of mishaps. It's driving me crazy! She is on meds for chemo, framara, for anxiety and I'm not sure the others. It's almost like you put gel onto of oil. Maybe her nails don't like glue and I should do a little extension instead or need a different line for her....ugh!!
I would suggest overlays only (NO extensions) and let her prove she's capable of wearing them.
If the issue seems to be the tips then yes I would stop using them and see if sculpting or just an overlay works. Another thought, is she in water a lot? Water breaks down tip adhesive and that would also explain why she had such an issue with glue and powder.
If she still has issues after removing adhesives, I'd take a look at the fact she is on a lot of meds. Heavy meds can wreak havoc on enhancement wear. It often takes trial and error to find the right enhancement and sometimes it just never works. I had one client that I ended up having to use a coarser file on the natural nail (which made me cringe but she was fine with it) and double priming and that worked well - her nails were never perfect but it helped a ton.
You mentioned chemo and framara meds. When my mother had breast cancer, not only the meds, but the chemo itself damaged her nails, just like it damages your hair follicles. I looked into the problems chemo causes for nails, and many people that are having chemotherapy cannot keep nail enhancements adhered at all, and they break or lift. It may not have anything to do with your application, product, etc., it is just that her nails are too brittle and damaged to hold an enhancement.
I would try IBX treatments. In my 20+ years in this business it's the only nail strengthener I've found that actually works. Just use that and SOG. Have her come every week. Before you apply the SOG put a bit of primer on the free edge. The IBX seems to help chemo patients.