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Full Version: Is it worth 300
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I just want to know is a 300 class by Bio Sculpture worth it, I been looking for classes close to Alabama and this is the only one I FOUND and if I'm going to spend that much I need to know I am walking away with knowing how to use their product. I know it is nail classes in tn but I cant take off my job that I just started for that many days, I been looking for mentors ad looking mentors, classes, may be I just need to give it up like my family said thank you any way
I'm not sure what you are looking for in a class, I have taken the Bio sculpture classes here in Canada, yes they teach you how to use their product, but its not a nail technician class, if you are interested in using bio, then you have to take a class to buy their product. It is very expensive their product, and I have it but I can't get anyone to pay for it. it cost more than a regular gelpolish or gel nail. about the double the price of a regular gel polish.