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Full Version: Organic Gel?
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There is a salon down the street that is advertising on their website that they do "organic gel manicures." Their site says, "Ladies! Want strong nails but not wanting to get acrylics or gel powder? We've got something for you that can go over your real nails and does not result in damage to your natural nail bed! Organic Gel Manicure is an exclusive product only offered at the Velvet Nail Lounge. This exceptional product contains unique ingredients to help strengthen and support weak, brittle, soft, or peeling nails. The Gel will not cause damage to the natural nails as the key ingredient, Calcium Salt, is in preventing the nail from decalcifying. The quality of your natural nails will actually improve with continued wear!"

Based on that I googled this calcium salt organic gel product and found this anyone heard of this?
Jill that's the website for Organic Nails which (I believe) is Young Nails branding for the Mexico marketplace. Not the same thing as what you're describing.

Ask Doug Schoon about organic. :? I would be SO tempted to call that place and make an appointment!
There is a hairdressing chain near me that sells Organic Nails as part of her stock (nail stuff can be sold in this way in Australia) and they’re imported directly from the US. The owner is South American and she tells me that they’re Young Nails.

CND do the same thing as well as she stocks this too. But I forget what they call their line.