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Full Version: Air brushed ?
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I am sure this might be a rather dumb question ,but are most pink and white nails done at the mostly Asian salons airbrushed ?
And good majority and yes they usually last...I hear it quite often! !!
I never have trouble with it lasting ,or the nails lasting ,just some of the colors are quite pretty ,and I can't see them fussing with smile lines to make them crisp...
They do it quick and crisp....I hear people say they prefer the airbrushed french because it's always done correct. ...
I used to go to the NSS just to get my natural nails airbrushed. It looks so crisp and clean. I haven't seen too many salons airbrushing though. More salons are using gel polish to create the French tip and creating a crisp smile line with a clean-up brush.

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I do airbrushing and the white tip usually doesn't last long (wears off) don't understand why everyone says it lasts longer....
It's probably top coat...sealer that is being used.
A lot of them are just using white tips. I'm not proud - I'll use them too! I would love to know what kind of topcoat they use. Sometimes it can be a real trial to get off and it wears better than anything else around. I've heard rumors that it actually is polyurathane (yes, from your local Ace Hardware) Scary, but not a huge surprise!
Most airbrushing is over acrylic or gel... and then a gel sealer is used amd sometimes double top coated.
Airbrushed french on a natural nail is usually sealed with a gel top coat like shellac I've heard ...
Air brushed french with gel polish usually gel polish top x 2 coats. ...of course waiting for airbrushing to dry. ..which is fairly quick
In regards to traditional polish ,like for pedicures ,I usually basecoat two coats of white for the tip ,I crisp up the smiles ,and then topcoat. I am super picky about my smile lines ,so that's why I do it this way ,but I would love on some to have the nail beds pinker ,but then I feel I have to sacrifice the tidy smile lines...I don't offer airbrushing ,but that has to be how they get the pretty pink beds with the perfect smile lines. And all my polish jobs usually last forever with an occasional exception here and there ,and traditional polish manicures last better on some than others. I don't use gel polish top over regular polish ,it cracks and hit or miss whether ot lasts ,since the nail polish needs to be completely dry before applying it...I would love to figure out a way to use it though so it works ,without all the drying time...