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Full Version: Dashing Diva NailGuards
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never mind..... I got several answers from another forum
Really? No one's tried these?
Seriously??? 143 views and not a single comment! This USED to be the most helpful networking site for professionals on the web. What the heck happened to this place??
Yes this site is not anything like it was 7 years ago . I try to help if I can .i know nothing about Yhe guards
I am an owner of a hair salon. We will be offering a full service nail bar in our salon. I wanted to know what is the pay scale that nail techs get paid? If they supply their own supplies, then commission is more or if they dont, then we take more of the cut? And are taxes paid by us or so the nail techs pay their own? Thanks.
I haven't used the guards yet but I was reading reviews on these VS the ones Minx makes. I think when DD puts these in CosmoProf they'll really sell. (I haven't seen them yet) I was trying to wait til the Premier Show to purchase mine. If you use them before then I'd love to know what you think and how they work for you.

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