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Full Version: Job fit????
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Does anyone else feel like finding a Nail technician job is extremely hard- not in the sense of there being Not enough jobs out there -- more like finding the right fit for yourself!
I'm so frustrated with myself - There's so much to consider - how busy is salon, location, travel, co-workers, salon atmosphere, weird rules the boss has, will they advertise or promote nails, do you like the products they use, the station, the pedicure set up, the cleanliness of salon, then there's the salary vs commission and independent operator vs employee- just try telling a salon owner that pays you 50% that your not an employee and they can't tell you to fold towels, sweep hair, when to come and go.... I feel like I can't find a place that fits the profile in my head.....LOL
Frustrated Undecided
And in my state booth rent is not am option!
Yes!! Same here. It's for that exact reason that I'm trying to build my freelance clientele
I feel your pain. I'm going through the same thing you are & it's very frustrating.
Glad I'm not alone....I try to explain to family and friends that yes all these things matter- if I'm uncomfortable, not at ease, can and will affect my work- my nail produced - and in turn can affect my income! But they make me feel like I'm crazy with this!
I am looking for a nail tech, with a 65% commission, with a guaranteed pay
I wish all salons were offering this!
Me too! I like the guaranteed income of hourly pay but it's always so low!
Yes it's nice to make $10 an hour if it's slow. . . But then if you have clients then you are shorting yourself. . . Catch 22
We all have bills to pay 50% of 0 is still 0.
I know Tina Albert (omg I believe that's her name I'm having a brain fart lol) has a good idea in her book of how to pay technicians - but I've interviewed at A lot of salons amd let me tell you -- it's usually 50%, or hourly and it's usually always cash...I haven't run into to many places run it differently
Same here. Feeling and experiencing the same thing.
Most salons compensate illegally; hourly plus commission is the way to go.
I've been to quite a few....the majority pay cash, 50-60% commission. . . Yet want you to sweep, fold towels, garbage, phones, dust....
The downside - you either take it or leave it.
When you're paid as an employee, you're obligated to perform all kinds of tasks. Salon owners should not be "hiring" if they don't have enough clients to sustain their businesses.
Agreed! ! Very much agreed....and then when you ask them to run a promotion to help bring in business they refuse - frustrating!