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Full Version: Fiberglass Wraps? Anyone use?
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Currently I'm only doing natural nail manicures and pedis and gel manis. I was thinking of adding fiberglass wraps over tips but not sure if these even work? Anyone who uses them can you tell me if they actually last? If you used to use them and stopped, can I ask why?



When I first got in the biz fiberglass/silk was all that I did. They are effective and can last. If you have clients who want really long nails, they may not be as effective. I preferred silk over fiberglass because the fabric didn't show. Backscratcher's says fiberglass is stronger though. I did them for many years and had great success with them. It is very important to emphasize that the client HAS TO use their cuticle oil EVERY day with that method.

When Backscratcher's came out with their resin acrylic powder dip system (Extreme), I switched immediately. It is stronger and easier to do a full set with. It would take me 1 1/2 hours to do a full set with silk, it only takes me an hour now with the other system. That is the only reason I switched.

I used fiberglass for years- Elegant Glass. The way to keep mesh from showing is to never touch it with your fingers as touching leaves oil. EG had a a sheet of "plastic" called a polypro sheet to smooth the mesh down with. I think they might have changed some of their methods thru the years, but still have the basics. They have a website.


Wish they had that when I was doing it. I have been using Elegant Glass' resin gel and find it to perform better than Backscrstcher's Stikr by far.
My reason for not doing acrylic is the dust from it. I have major sinus issues and don't need to add to it. Is there a ton of filing when doing fiberglass/silk?


In my opinion and experience any resin adhesive based product does not create a lot of dust. You are going to have some, but whenever I've done someone who has traditional l/p acrylic on their nails and I've done a fill on them there is a lot more dust. I've also noticed that soakable gels don't have as much dust either.

Do you use an electric file or hand file? That will make a difference. Also what kind of bit you use with your electric file makes a difference. If you use a sanding band you will get a lot more air born dust with it. If you use a Swiss Carbide bit you will get hardly any as it shaves the product off instead of sanding it off.

Something else I do is I have placed a little desk fan (4") somewhat behind me on my "L" shaped table and have it directed to my work area. You could place a fan like that to blow the dust away from you, but not directed right at your client.