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Full Version: Star Pro rubber nail soakers
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I picked up some of these ,thought hey ,it's worth a shot ,right ? I kind of like them. Got them last week ,used them a few times ,worked pretty good. Have any of you tried them ? I was wondering if any of you used the flat cotton pads instead of the foam things they come with ,and if it worked as well...or any other pros and cons you can think of...
I have them and don't like them they leak Sad Sorry that doesn't answer your question but I am interested in what others might say
I've used them myself with cotton balls as well as the foam it comes with and found they work very well.. there is no need to over saturate with acetone which might cause the leaking..
K ,I used my rubber soaker things again , and I have to say ,so far I REALLY like them ! I have used them with the foam things ,which I love ,hate that you can't re-use them ,I guess you could ,but ,gross...anyway ,I did one hand with the foam things ,and the other hand with flat cotton squares cut in half ,and both cotton and foam worked equally well !!! Smile
Yea I was pretty impressed too Smile The official name is Finger mates but I'm going to add "soakers" to the description for better search results now!

[Image: 6964.jpg]
How much are they?
The kits are 12.95 and extra foams start at $7.95/50
see this link:
i find out that they broke if I reused them few times to soaked off with acetone.