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Full Version: Uv light or led light
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Could some please explain the difference between the two, and can you use either or for you gels ? Is there different curing time for different gels ? Can you over cure?
For gels to cure under a LED lamp they must have been formulated to do so. If it is not LED cureable, then it must be cured in a UV lamp. Besides the chemical difference, the difference that you will like the most is the cure time on LED gels - far shorter than UV cured times. I did read somewhere that yes it's possible to over cure, but I really don't recall what the specifics were.. LED curable can be cured in a UV lamp but not the other way around. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations for cure times and while I know many do it, try to avoid mixing product lines so you get the best results.
I have a CND UV light and I do use 3 different gels , CND ,OPI and Gellish, , i cure 90 sec for base and 120 sec for Polish and top coat, I am having lifting and pealing issues and not sure why ?? Cleaning nail bed with alcohol and using bond aid before base coat
Might be time to change your bulbs
ARe you curing your base too long? I lonely cure my gelish base 10 seconds.