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Full Version: What would cause nail enhancements not to adhere well to nail beds?
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I have a friend who I do her nails on once in a while. I have tried everything from acrylics, to hard gels, just gel polish, tea bag and glue repairs, all sorts of attempts. The problem is that they all seem to peel off. Even polish (with or without a basecoat) comes off really easily. It sort of peels off. She has good strong natural nails except that they tear by the nail bed so we are trying to find an enhancement that will stick and give it strength and protect. I want to stay away from acrylics because she hates heavy feeling enhancements. She enjoyed the hard and sog gels that she had while they stuck.

Her mother also has a similar issue, nail polish doesn't stick well to her nails so this might be some sort of inherited issue.

I have tried OPI Axxium, IBD, and a couple of other hard gel systems.

I have prepped the nail the best way I know. I buffed off the shine, dehydrated the nail, and then used primer (both acid and acid-free, no change).

Suggestions or can someone explain why this might be happening and is there anything that can be done? She would love to be able protect her natural nails and not tear them.

What kind of medications does she take? Is she I'm water or chemicals a lot?
Yes!! She did tell me that she does a lot of cleaning and her nails are in water a lot. She also mentioned to me that when she cleans (she is a caretaker), she uses extremely hot water. She doesn't mind super hot water when doing dishes and so forth. Will the super hot water affect the nail enhancements?
I have a friend that I do nails on and she is a phlebotomist and she has this problem too. She wears gloves all day and uses hand sanitizer and washes her hands all day too.
Young Nails protein bond used 2x and cured - everyone says this is really good....
I work in a salon that only uses LCN....I hear several clients say they had tried so many other salons with many different brands and LCN is the only thing that has worked for them....if you register on the LCN dote you can by a sample kit for around $25....maybe a try? ?