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Full Version: Premiere Orlando plans
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Yes I know it's a ways but I'm excited. Went for the first time last year an feel like I have a lot of unfinished business there Smile
I'm going by myself an will need a roommate one or 2 nights. I'm also planning a beach day since I've never been there. If anyone needs an extra roommate either that Friday or Monday let me know or if you have room for a tag a long for fun activities please email me. [email protected]
Looking forward to you being there Smile I;m working on plans for the Network Social this coming week!
I was there last year Debbie, and it was so fun. Although I had a bad sinus and middle ear infection, I couldnt hear anything anyone was saying. This year Im going to make up for it and hopefully will get to talk and meet so many more people. If you need any help, please let me know!
I'm looking forward to my first time at the Orlando Show & hope I don't miss out on getting a ticket to the network social, too!
I can't wait for the show in Orlando. Is the link working for the network social tickets or is it my computer?
Might be your computer. . I've gotten orders. .. why don't you message me and let's see what's going on