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Full Version: Might be ready to go LED
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Hi everyone! Thinking I am ready to get rid of my CND lights ,and do the Gelish18g LED 's. Problem is ,I want one for each side of my table...that being said ,I was looking for feedback on this lamp ,and how using LED instead of UV has made a difference for your service time ,lasting of GP ,or any other helpful feedback. For me ,personally ,I am sick of replacing bulbs ,and the Gelish lamps may take up less room on my table... thanks in advance fellow NT 's... Smile
I can't even begin to express how much better led is in my opinion. I use the Artistic Pro 30 led lamp an IMO is the best Wink I have sold all my uv polishes. I don't know exactly how much time I'm saving, but in our world, it's significant. My clients are much happier as well well with less clutter beings the lamp is so small. I'm hoping someday I can afford to have 2 lamps on ny table.
The 18g is a fantastic lamp. reliable and sturdy (the ACG Pro 30 is a variation of it, supposedly). But I can't see needing two of them - it is so fast.
Myself and my co-worker both use the Gelish light and love it....

Granted, its a heck of an investment for sure but well worth it. I also have a Star Nails LED light as well and the only difference is the timer.
Thanks for the feedback ! Since my original post ,I have made the investment ,and have purchased 4 !!!! I know you guys are like "Whaaaat??? 4 ???" ,but I like having one on each side of my table (s) ,client convenience ,comfort ,and I hate having one off to the side ,or in the middle ,as awkward either for me ,or my client. So far I LOVE that I made the change ,and no looking back ,no more bulbs to replace... (I had 4 CND lamps ,using in two places)...FREEDOM ! Lol ! Again,thanks for all the feedback ,you all are the BEST !!! Smile
Just to clarify a bit ,I work at two different locations ,and so I like to not have to carry equipment back and forth ,so for me ,having lamps I can leave at one location ,so I don't have to carry them back and forth is worth it to me...
Can you please explain the difference between the uv and led , I am using CND UV right now, I am having lifting and pealing with my gels , I use OPI, CND , and Gellish. Ugh !!!!
Diane - bulbs might need to be changed :-)