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Full Version: HELP !!!! w/ my electric file
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I have a Kupa model kp 3000..(The white one). anyways..... It started yesterday, my hand piece is skipping while I'm working. And today it actually stopped for a milla second and continued working. I'm scared that there is something wrong with my hand piece. Im not sure what to do... Can I service it myself ( looked on the internet and found nothing ) or should I sent it to Kupa for sevicing? If I send it in, I dont have a back up electric file to work with & I do alot of colored acrylic and hand filing would be a bear and take me alot longer.

ANY advice would help... Thank You All

You may can call them and they could tell you what may be wrong. I always mail mine in for service and repair , that's why I have 2
Does it do it with all of your bits? I had a problem with my hand piece (mine is not that model of drill), but it was only when I used one of my bits. I bought a new bit and the problem stopped. I don't know why it caused it to have that problem, it was the correct size.
If it is only happening with one bit the bit is probably bent. If not I would send it in but I am not someone to be trusted with repairing anything!
I have noticed it was with 1particular bit, but its a brand new bit. I maybe calling Kupa Monday & see what they say.

Thank you ladies.