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Full Version: What gel polish do you use?
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Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum but I was wondering what brand of gel polish that everyone uses? Has anyone tried multiple brands to compare and found that one is better than the other? I have been using CND shellac since it first came out because that's what my old salon trained us in and I've been using it ever since and haven't tried any other brands. And how about any brands from Chinese manufacturers(for example, NOVA)? Anyone use any of those? Just would like to know what the benefits of other brands are and if it's worth switching or if I should just stick with CND.

I use ibd Just Gel polish in my salon. It's a pure gel and has very minimal shrinking with various shades. I also use Orly Gel FX and LeChat Nobility. You just have to try out a few and see what works best for you. Good luck!

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My main ones I really like are Gelish & Artisic Colour Gloss --- just about all I use LOL! Both LED or UV though I use Gelish LED lamp and I've never had any problems either! Gelish has some Great glitter gels too!
I use opi