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Full Version: Hello to everyone
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My name is Stacey Barlow and I love beautiful nails and hope to one day soon become a nail technician. I am a published poet/writer (that's my other love.) I've loved nails since age of 13 and my stepfather taught me how to take care of mine, what the half moon was inside the nail bed :-) Since then, I would grown my own nails, and they would break, and I'd grow them again. As I became older, I came across people who did nails for fun. In high school, I wore my first set of enhancements ;they were long and easy to work with. I learned then that nails had to also breathe.

The idea is to go to cosmetology school to become a nail technician later this year, and then own my own business and continue to learn from others who are already in the business. (I found you in the November issue of NAILPRO :-)