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Full Version: learning to use an e-file
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I would like to ask where is someone trains to use an e -file?i have a new girl in my salon and want to teach her as much as i can but i struggle of how i can help her to learn use correct an you have any tips or tricks?
I had to travel to find a class, but that was, oh, 12ish years ago - if you are in a state that requires training you should be able to call your state board to find out who provides training. If you are in a state that doesnt require training you will have to look for classes from manufacturers or associations like INTA - trade shows also often have classes
here are a few links

Not sure about these online programs, but you could look into them

Or check the nail magazine sites

and of course there is youtube

Hope this helps
Where are you located ?
I offer e-file classes and located in Oklahoma
There are two e-file classes scheduled at the Nailtech Networking Event of the Smokies in July.