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Full Version: HELP, the salon down the street is bad mouthing my practices...
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I use the young nail safety bit to remove gel polish. I use it on the low setting and just “tickle” the nail leaving the base coat attached. (I always put 2 coats of base on to ensure during removal that I won’t damage the natural nail) I am the only nail salon in a 40 mile radius, and a new salon just opened down the street that is going to be doing nails soon. My clients who have never ever questioned my practices before~ I always explain how I do it, I hold the bit to my skin and show that it doesn’t cut, and I tell them why I apply 2 coats of base. ~are all of the sudden coming in and saying “Well, so and so down the street said that the metal bit you use on me is BAD BAD for my nails and you are damaging them.” I am glad they are asking so I can re-explain how and why I do it AND give them the option to soak off it they prefer.

Is there any literature out there I could use to make a flyer for them to take home and read? I am having a hard time finding any.
This might have some good info:

BUT - I would send a cease and desist letter to the salon, slander is not something that should be ignored. You do not have to have a lawyer send it but definitely keep copies of the letter and notes of what you are hearing - just in case.
I use a hard gel as a base for strength and IBD just gel polish with their base and top coat. Similar to what you are doing and I honestly feel that it is even better than scraping of the soak off gel alone. The natural nail is protected with the hard base coat. Your procedure is safer and better for the nails than your competitor. I would agree that a cease and desist letter is in order. That is slander and uncalled for.