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Full Version: nailtech mentor/teacher
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I live in North Carolina,would like to have a nail tech that is experienced sit down with me and help me with nail applacation,I am willing to pay for this.
What part of NC are you in? I know a nail tech/educator who teaches one on ones in NC....I took one with her, and it was well worth the trip. Email me for more info. [email protected]

Love Those Toes Nail Spa
Washington, DC
You can get plenty of mentoring & nail help if you go to the Nail Tech Event of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, TN this July 12th!

It's a nails-only show with 30+ nail companies demoing & selling their products, plus there's door prizes & Nail Talk Radio's Meet & Greet party on Saturday night.

The Event also has hands-on Saturday & Monday Workshop Classes on July 11th & 13th.

You won't find any better (or closer to NC) nail education that this, so check it out at