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Full Version: IBD Gel polish
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I'm thinking of adding another line of gel polish to our collection and wanted to get feedback on IBD Pure Gel.

I can't search for previous comments because IBD is only 3 letters, ha ha, so forgive me for not just reviewing other threads Smile
I find that the IBD gel polishes are a nice gel polishes. It is less expensive than Gelish, Essie, and many known brands out there. IBD has such a wide range of colors. I like its consistency. The only complaint, if any, I wish they had product classes in my area. They used to when they had the traditional gel. Now, for whatever reason, they do not offer classes. I find it useful to go over products, techniques and network with other nail techs using the product. I definitely recommend at least giving the product a try with a few colors and of course the base and top coat.
Ibd is my choice for gel polish in my salon. It's a pure gel and gives a nice even coverage with very minimal to no shrinkage with most colors. They have a video on how to apply and remove the Just Gel polish. It's definitely one of the better gels on the market.

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Check out Luxio by Akzentz - I really love the coverage, easy to use, easy to remove.
I have used IBD for over ten years and love their product. The new IBD just gel polish is great and their colors are terrific. I have tried others but always go back to IBD.