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Full Version: acrylic change
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Hi. Im currently using CND acrylic systems and im looking to try a new system that could possibly have better adhension and not as costly. Any suggestions?
If you are having adhesion problems, look at your prep - CND is a great system and I've never had adhesion issues. However if you are looking to change anyway, I love young nails as well Smile
I had the same issue with CND acrylic and switched to OPI absolute system. It works great and had two different primers one normal primer anf the they have one for problem lifters as well.
CND Retention+ is a good product. I used it with the regular CND powders, but they do have dedicated powders, too. Primer already in the liquid. Buy a trial kit and see if it works for you. I would soak off and put a new set on with R+ to see how it works on your problem lifters.

Also, discovered that problem bubblers had better success when I sealed with clear gel top.
@ddstotler....Now can it be that im using the retention+ with cnd regular powders, could also be why im experiencing separation as well? I do believe in using all the correct products together in the system. .
Ok, I too like to stay in the product line, but I was looking for a less white than the R+ brilliant white, so made my own with reg. powders.

Do you have bubbles, lifting at cuticle or separating at the free edge?
Yes i do get those issues. The main issue i have now is separation in the middle of the nail
Ok. I would call that a bubble. Usually because the ratio of liquid to powder is too wet. I have two clients who did this constantly. I switched them to R+ and then used gel top to seal. Cut down bubbles greatly.

Some people naturally have wetter nails. Nothing you can do about that.
Oh so its not always just my technique! ! You just taught me something. ..I never thought of the nail having extra moisture except for the client that has sweaty hands. Since I posted this, I have stepped back and remembered to work with a dryer brush and tilting the nail down. My acrylic is applied much better.
I use NSI Attraction. Its a great line and not too pricey. They do promos and sales pretty often. Their acrylic line is a little more forgiving if you like to work a little wetter or dryer. Some systems require you get the ratio exact otherwise you can get bubbles.

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I used CND for about 2 years and I had about 3 clients that lifted no matter what but everyone else was fine. So I tried a few different brands on them before Switching to Young Nails, about 2 years ago. I like YN much more but still use CND on a few of my clients.