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Full Version: Searching for a "milky" acrylic
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I'm a nail tech student, and I've been practicing mixing acrylics with gels (acrygel, gelcrylic etc) and find this technique useful. I've been seeing on
Instagram and Pinterest, and also in some tutorial YouTube videos, these milky, cloudy, frosty, nudish, naturalish looking finishes that I am dying to achieve. Does anyone know of any acrylic powder brands/ colors that give this milky effect? Perhaps a specific gel polish color? I've seen this woman on YouTube say she uses Asian blend acrylic, and it appears as a sheer, clouded, yet translucent color.
I like how it's cloudy, but I'd like to find one that's slightly more milk colored. In theory, I'd love to find the perfect "low fat milk" colored acrylic powder, apply to the nail, and simply seal with a clear high gloss top coat. Or a similar gel color would be just as well Smile
Any tips would be wonderful!
We mixed CND cool pink opaque and clear pink 1:2 for a nice pinker look. Try mixing CND soft white with clear 1:2 and see what you get!
Mix white and clear to your desired color. You can add oink if you want to but hose pictures look like the pink is faded into the white, like baby boomers.
Tammy Taylor has a bunch of pink acrylics. I have one that is really milky. Can't remember which one. Sad