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Full Version: Taxes and The Dot Book
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Hello everyone,
Some of you may have heard about the yearly workbook I have made for the salon biz. It's main purpose is to keep track of all your income and expenses so when tax time comes around, you'll have everything all in one place and ready for your accountant. Or H&R Block. Or whoever does your taxes. Smile
Anyway, it's called The Dot Book, made by a nail tech (me) for nail techs and anyone else in the salon industry. I have been selling these books since 2010 and have had outstanding feedback.

Please check it out at

To see pics of what the pages look like go to my Facebook page: and go to the Photos section.

There are currently 5 different versions suitable for everyone's needs.
Hey, it's already January 15th, let's not get too far behind in starting out this year more organized!
If you have any questions, please let me know.
I'm going to order this! Exactly what I need! Smile