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Full Version: Pro Shaker
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Hi, everyone , and thank you Debbie for getting me rolling again ! I just ordered a Pro Shaker to shake my gel polishes , in particular my OPI Gelcolors , that I swore I would not buy any more of , lol. Do any of you own one , and do you think it has made a difference in shrinking , pitting , and or streaking with some colors. My "dud" drawer is overflowing , and some of my duds are quite beautiful , and I would love to offer them up again , the pretty ones , anyways , with confidence I won't look like a fool when they behave badly...
We don't have a pro shaker but use a paint shaker used for crafts! I think it was like $25.00.
I like you was not a fan of opi color gel...however I purchased a proshaker in October and am happy to report I have no more duds!!! I now am offering all my pretty Opi gels again!! Well worth the money. I shake mine just as I start to apply base coat and then it can sit for one minute after shaking to allow it to settle out of the brush handle. It really helps with glitters too as it gets such a good mix.
Enjoy and sake shake shake!
So happy for the positive feedback ! I was a bit worried since it was kind of pricey...does it stay put while it shakes , or do you have to hold it down so it doesn't dance off the table ? I know u said it does it's thing while you apply base coat , so I am assuming it stays put...