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Full Version: Nail polish tips
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Hello everyone, my salon owner tells me that my 1st coat of polish is too thin, to uneven, that I need to hold my brush at a 90°,angle to the nail, that all the power is in the head-- ok I agree my coat might be a bit thin, and even uneven- My 2nd coat covers it all....Ok I've tried holding the brush at a 90°angle and it causes major cramping in my hand.... I've asked a co-worker and she said that I am probably applying too much like gel polish, possibly "playing" with the polish in shorter strokes vs long even strokes. My co-worker laughed about the 90° angle thing. . . I feel like I'm getting better advise from my Co-worker then my boss! ! ! !
Any other tips? Thanks
I just started doing nails a year ago, and had the same problem. My advice to to practice what works for you. I gather a small drop at the end of the brush for the first coat, and I try to make it has even as possible. Then I use a slightly bigger drop of polish for my 2nd coat that will cover and even everything out. My personal opinion is that everyone has different was of applying nail polish, and it a certain way works for you, and your clients like it...then there is no need to nit pick.
If your second coat covers it the it doesn't really matter. But long even strokes is very good advice.