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Full Version: What hospital grade disinfectant are you using for your pedi spas?
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I’m on the hunt for a new hospital grade disinfectant to use in our whirlpool pedi spas. I’m looking for a more cost effective disinfectant as I do a lot of pedis. I would love to have your thoughts and suggestion. Thanks so much.
We use Blensaide. It's a generic form of Baribicide for $11 a gallon. I'd love to hear if someone knows of something cheaper then that.
Thanks britewing. Dose the Blensacide bubble over in your pedi spas or leave an oil residue that is difficult to remove?

No and no. We don't use jetted whirpool chairs though.
We use Odoban, which can actually be bought at Home Depot for about $10 - much less expensive than any of the products advertised to spas and salon. Then we let the tub soak for ten minutes with a Sani Tablet - it's overkill, but that's an area I'm not worried about going to far on Smile
We use ProForce Disinfectant. You can get it at Sams for under $7 a gallon!
At my old spa they used bleach and phosphate soap. (Cascade )...