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Full Version: New Cord for Shellac Lamp
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Hi Everyone! I used to be active on this forum years ago but stopped doing nails professionally 7 years ago and so haven't really been networking (though I'm still licensed and do my own and my daughter's nails).

We moved a few months ago and I cannot for the life of me find my shellac lamp cord. I'm sure its in a "safe place" that I will never remember but for now I really want to use my lamp and I need a cord! Does anyone know where I can get a new cord for my Shallac lamp? I already posted on CND's facebook page so hopefully someone somewhere will have an idea Smile

My cord for my OPI went bad and I call them they mailed me one free. So try to call CND may do the same fir you . All so I have seen some cords on eBay
I never heard back from my post on their FB page so I tried emailing them directly on Friday - of course they may be off fro Christmas. If I don't hear on Monday or Tuesday I will call them.
Just an FYI for anyone who may be looking for this in the future, CND told me Radio Shack carries the cords.