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Full Version: Would like to talk to a certified nail tech please!!!
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Hi everyone Smile My name is Megan and I am currently a student. Within the next couple days I have an assignment to interview 3 nail techs - discussing budgeting, clientele, product, advice, etc... The information is used specifically for educational purposes and to help prepare me for after I get my license. Please any certified nail tech currently owning a salon or renting a booth space that would not mind educating me please get in touch. I would appreciate any information you are willing to give, even if it's extremely basic. Thank you in advance.
Hello Megan. You can email me your questions at [email protected] My name is Chrissy.

Love Those Toes Nail Spa
Washington, DC
I can also help.
Email me please Smile
Hi Megan

I would be happy to help you . Certified and Licensed Nail Tech for over 30 years /Salon Owner Smile

Feel free to email.

If you need anymore insight, I'll be happy to help!

[email protected]