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Full Version: Brisa hard gel issues
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I have been using CND Brisa hard gels for several months now since switching from Akzentz gels which I love but the expense of it is killing me. I am finding I am getting a lot of air pockets with the Brisa gels and I am having to file most of the product off the nail. I have changed the bulbs to see it was a curing is still doing it. I am also using a CND lamp. If anyone has any troubleshooting on this, please let me know. I am also looking for other Hard gel recommendations that are as superior as Akzentz gels and has different pink options but is more cost effective.
Yes, we do. We are a Swedish company that has developed it's own exclusive gels during the past three years. If you visit our Facebook page and send me a message, I will give you a link to a video where you can see them in action.