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Full Version: Spa2 dust collector
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Ok ladies I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a salon pure air dust collector,does anyone own or use one ?
No one ???
Yes, we have two of these units and they work very, very well. But we mostly use them for pedicuring as we use efiles and the Fabeaulous Foot File for our pedicures.

We use the "under the table" Valentino dust collector at our nail tables. I do think the Salon Pure Air would be a better dust collector if you do a lot of hard gel or acrylic nails, however we do not, so the Valentino is fine for us.
Thank you and yes I do a lot of gels
Another option from Erica's, but only works with certain e-files. I am not a big fan of their vacuum, I bought a Miele canister from Costco as many of us have up here in Alberta!
Is the Pure Air really loud?
I got mine in last week and love it . It's not very loud
I need one of these vacuums for my Erica M1 portable efile. It's what I use in the salon. I file off gel polish with a safety bit or a med sanding band, and need a vacuum. Anyone have one for their M1?

Love Those Toes Nail Spa
Washington, DC
Up date . I love my spa 2 and my Cleients love it too, no dust on them .