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Full Version: Itec in Manicure/Pedicure
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Hi everyone, I have recently retrained and just received my itec qualifications in manicure and pedicure. I live in Ireland and want to return to US where I am a citizen, I am aware that each state has different licensing requirements. I am only interested in natural nails (and hope to pursue nail art too). Do I also need to be able to apply artificial nails in order to work in this field in the US? I appreciate any advice you have, thanks, Julie.
Most states require you to be tested on them in order to obtain your license. Go to the board website of the state you will be working in and obtain their contact info. You may be able to apply for Cosmetology Reciprocity and skip further testing, but it is more likely that if you have never tested on artificial enhancement you will have to complete that in order to have your license reciprocated.