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Hello everyone-
When using glitter in GEL - are you using DRY glitter or a glitter GEL (either premix or mixed with a clear gel).....?

My issue is-- if I'm just applying glitter gel to the nail / either soak off or hard / its fine - the nail us still thin & natural looking.... but if I have done a gel polish color first and then glitter or a glitter fade - the nail now becomes to bulky & thick -- should I only use dry glitter in this type of instance & press it into tacky layer?

ANY glitter application advise us gladly appreciated & pics as well.
.thanks a bunch !!!


not sure if this would work but when doing other nail art with gels I have put the base coat on after applying the tips and then do the nail art with the gel and THEN put the gel on top to build the nail. then the nail art is underneath the clear gel and when you file/finish the nail then the art is smooth and flush underneath if that makes sense? Im new to the glitter though
I've tried that - I think I'm not keeping 1st layer (base) thin enough - was bulky still & at times I've finish filed & ruined design.... yikes!

With this method & you do a gel fill - what happens - I usually do not file down that that much - if client wants a pale color after a design with dark colors or dark glitters you have to file almost all gel off - right?


Yeah If I did that then a fill would mean filing all of the art off and pretty much doing a full set over
Thanks :-)