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Full Version: Stripping Tape
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OK when applying stripping tape to colored gel, do I need to remove the sticky layer and buff, then apply or just apply to the sticky. I have applied to sticky layer and it was fine but which holds up better?

Thanks in advance,
Tricky stuff that tiny stripping tape! I have found through much trial and error, using stripping tape with gel polish is difficult. But, After one amazing class with one amazing Young Nails Educator here in Cleveland. I learned the trick that has never failed me. It doesn't matter so much how you lay the tape into the gel polish, it's that you use a thin layer of hard gel over it. Yup, right after the tape is down, cure a thin layer of clear hard gel over the tape. You will have no issues with the tape lifting at all.
I've removed the sticky layer and applied the striping tape without buffing. Cut the tape a little shorter so is is not to the edge. That way the top coat can cover all the tape.