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Full Version: How to keep a job with income and gain experience as a Nail Tech
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How do most Nail Tech make it into becoming an established Nail Technician especially if income was a concern for you?

I have a full-time regular business hour office job. I have wanted to start out on a Saturday but I am not so sure I can do evenings as well.

I would love to just leave my current job and work as a Nail Technician. (anyone done this?) The problem is income. I find my job and regular hours to be too exhausting to invest time as a Nail Technician.

I am wondering if I will need to find a different job to be able to have more flexible hours and less stress.

I am not quiet sure how to best do this. How do most of you do or did this? I know there are people some people who have the energy to do two jobs, but it is too much for me.

Any ideas how someone with a full-time job can accommodate growing into an established Nail Tech or at least until income start coming in?

Thank you.
I have been working the past 18 months Mon & Wed part time office job 9-4 and Tues Thur Fri 10-5 & Sat 10-3 in salon job.
I'm exhausted & can't take 6 days in a row yet can't find salon busy enough to let office income go..... I thought I found that job in my current location but it us so slow now that this past Saturday was the first in 3 Saturdays in a row that I actually had clients :-(
Very upsetting.....

I'd suggest practicing on your own a lot and looking for a Saturday or Sunday only position.

Also, make yourself available for last minute call off's in the evenings or for a busy evening here and there -Manager's love that.

If you lived by our Salon we can always use people on Sundays- so you'd be in.

Good luck.