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Full Version: LED light advice
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Hi everyone, I am shopping for a new curing light. I use a UV light and IBD products for hard gels right now. I would like to buy a LED curing light but am not sure which one to buy. Would anyone have some advice ,it would be greatly appreciated. Jackie
Jackie.. first, be sure the gels you are using (hard, soak-off or soft gels) are LED compatible If they are not it doesn't matter which lamp you buy they wont cure!
I would take a peek at this lamp:
[Image: 662900.jpg]
It's a dual cure - LED or UV lamp - so it will work for you no matter what.. Its got easy to use timers and the bottom slides out for pedi's too Smile

Opi on sale at the industry source . I have 2 and love it
I would suggest that you look into LED Gels first, then choose the light that the manufacturer recommends. Not all lights are created equal and it is Extremely important to use the light that the manufacturer has tested and proven Safe for properly curing their gels.
If not, you run the risk of not only having issues with the gels like peeling, lifting & cracking, but you also risk overexposing yourself & clients to under-cured gel which can lead to product sensitivities & even allergic reactions over time. No one wants to lose clients because of allergic reactions to our products.