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Full Version: To leave or not leave
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Hello all,I have a dilemma that have going through back and forth with in changing jobs.Right now Im hourly,working parting and make good money but ready to go independent,but think I'm scared and don't know where to start.Im thinking of working another salon booth rent/commission,a couple of days,and slowly ween myself of my current job.Im planning on dropping a day or two at my current salon and try to build at the other one the other days.Im supposed to talk to the owner of the new job on Monday. I have been at my current job for years and yes I had to sign a contract,looking into that to make there are no conflicts,because I know I can't bring my current clients with me,but that will be their choice.I like were I work and the atmosphere ,schedule,and all,but I just feel like I'm still limited to what I can do,and products to use,it's getting too controlled for me,and I want to do my own thing.The boss is great,she has let me do things she probably wouldn't let no one else do,but there's just more I would like to and have more freedom with,do zi feel it's time to change.I know financially it will cut me a little bit.I don't have much to start with,and don't know if I should wait,but just feel like I just need to jump in there and do it,and everything will be ok,with a plan.What would you do?Im just so new on this stuff,and scared at the same time.Any suggestions are welcome .Thanks!...sorry so long
There's always risks - check your contract & see if you can work both before completely transitioning to the new place.
Good luck
I did look into the Employee Handbook,and it did state that pretty much can't do both.She is a very reasonable person,and I found out there are some employees that do commission,so I may just have a meeting with her and discuss my concerns and see what she says or recommends before I make a decision,I don't want to regret,at least not right now.Thanks
(11-05-2014, 10:49 PM)lovelyjj Wrote: [ -> ]...there's just more I would like to and have more freedom...

The questions to ask yourself (and it's always a good idea to write it out so that it is easy to refer to and step back and look at) what are the things happening in life (the changes brewing within) that make you feel that you are ready to be independent? Also, make a list of those things that you would like to do that you are currently unable to in your current situation. And then make a list of how going independent could give your more freedom.

Get a good grasp of specifically why you are unhappy with the current situation and what remedies you require. Getting in touch with what is at the root of the readiness to move and having a coherent list of current obstacles and possibly remedies will help you to decide if the time is right. It will also give you the tools needed to negotiate with your current salon, if you decide to stay.

When I hear someone say they want to start their own business, I'm hearing them say they want to have a baby. There is an increase of financial risk, late nights worrying, it constantly demands your attention...but that's not to say that it's a bad thing or that it will always hard. Having your own business can be a very rewarding adventure. Smile

Thanks Erika,I did speak with the other owner of the new salonand she was willing to do commission for the first three months,and see where Im at and work with me until I'm ready to do booth rent.I really don't have anything to start with,but again she is willing to purchase what I need to get started.I haven't given her a decision yet,I told her I would rather have some products already and think about it more before I commit.Its just where I'm at it's so controlling ,and I ready to be independent ,and do my on thing,and it's scary.I was thinking of waiting until spring with the tax season coming to start then,but in the meantime work the couple of dats I'm off,but it would not be clients from my current salon.I found out it was an employee hand book with rules of working in a competitive salon,but if I'm not using the same clients,would that matter,I wonder? I would like to do a couple of days a week until the spring to build a clientele and gradually depart from the other job ,but risky.This decision is so hard.