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Full Version: keeping rhinestones on
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Does anyone have any tricks to keeping rhinestones/crystals to stay on the nail until the client returns for fills? I've tried super glue but that dulls the rhinestone's brilliance. I've also tried CND Brisa Lite gel. TIA!
Make sure you seal around the edges of the rhinestone with the gel or glue. I wouldn't recommend brisa lite gel because it is soak-off and more flexible. The rhinestones can slip free. Use a "hard-hard" gel.
This is how I do it with a Shellac manicure
Prep nails
Base coat cure
First color coat, cure
Second color coat, cure
Top coat, cure
Wipe tacky layer,
Then I use a product called Shine on by Akzentz, but you could use any top coat that cures without a tacky layer...
So put on a coat of the shine on and while it's still uncured place gems on in desired pattern. when all set, cure for 2 mins (uv light) then take a small detail brush and bring a small amount of shine on around each individual gem, then cure again for 2mins. You may have to do it again and that should be it. Should last for two weeks or longer.
Thank you both!
I have tried using the Shine....hard gel.... Sometimes it works. Most times it doesn't. I went to a Neo show and have them apply a finger full of rhinestones and they came off in two days
Use Gel. Like IBD clear gel. Attach crystal with gel. Cure. Put coat of gel on top. Cure.
For larger stones, Akzents Bling On gel works great, for smaller stones and full nail coverage, I just set in my top coat (LE Super Shiny) and cure, then using a liner brush, I pick up a dot of top coat on the tip and build "prongs" by placing tiny dots, 2-3 per crystal, and cure again