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Full Version: I heard a disturbing rumor about OPI
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that they are going to sell 6 OPI gel colors and a mini light at Walmart over Christmas??? Has anyone else heard this?
I would not be surprised... I remember when only salons carried OPI, the idea was clients needed to purchase it there, then it was in beauty supplies... for some years OPI has been available in Target (so much for the "exclusive"). Jessica did this too, making purchase difficult for salons, one day (after a long argument with Jessica because they would not sell us single bottles of colors, had to order in groups of three, owner said "forget it") saw it in Long's Drug.... cheaper..... I understand the desire for profit, my objection is selling it to salons telling them it will be exclusive.
OPI does not act as if they had a particular obligation to salon professionals. The colors are not constant, so clients who purchase a bottle cannot use it to touch up when the color changes and a color loved by clients changes so I no longer order it, I need to see if "Aphrodite's Pink Nightie" is the same color clients liked (it isn't). There was some problem with caps that did not fit (gel polish), I had no response from them, I had to argue with the seller to get my money back, product was dried up in the bottle, returned the next day (later told of the problem by another supplier).
I suppose they figure their advertising made them, not the promotion by salon professionals, they are not salon professional oriented, more money in the general public sales.