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Full Version: Tuff Enuff Nails NEW PRODUCTS !!!
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Check out the new products by Tuff Enuff Nails.

Poly Polish enables you to bring your creativity to a whole new level. Mix pigments, glitters and even acrylic paints to create a super thin highly colored gel polish or gel art. Goes on just like regular polish and cures.

Bring life back to all those bottles of regular nail polish. Just mix them with Poly Polish and you have GEL polish !! Mix 2 parts polish and 1 part nail polish and cure. YES ! It's that simple. Cures and wears on gels and acrylics. OR apply 2 coats of Poly Polish for an amazingly strong, flexible base for a beautiful gel mani.

Tuff ENuff Nails also carries Inktense Water Color Pencils. 12 beautiful colors to choose from.

And as always TEN is the home of LINKAGE. The most versatile non acid bonding agent on the market. If you battle the dreaded lifting, stop it with LINKAGE. Saves you time with every fill by eliminating lifting with any gel or acrylic system,

Check us out for US customers for Canadian customers
Now that is a good idea! I keep saying... I have hundred of polish colors, I don't have room to start a gel polish collection and, the colors don't match up to the polish colors my clients want...

water color pencils.... is there more info on the site?

are they for art or nail art?
YES, they are for nail art. There are 12 colors.
They are a pencil but when wet them they are like ink so you can control the amount of color.
The Poly Polish has worked great with every polish brand that I have used with it.
I did use a cheap drugstore polish and it mixed, cured and wore perfectly but the color of the polish was not as good as the pro brands. It took 3 coats to get a good color but it wore just fine.
I have people bring me a bottle of polish all the time as ask me to match it. I would get my gel and my pigments and start mixing. NOW I just get the polish and the poly polish, mix and DONE !!!
Read the review of POLY POLISH by Michelle at